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Cookie Policy


MIW collects certain data at our Website in order to deliver, evaluate and improve our service to you. When you visit our Site, we may receive and store certain information that is gathered by placing one or more small computer files called “cookies” on your computer. These files provide us with information about your computer and your visits, such as (but not limited to) your on-line identification and on-line address, other information about your computer and browser software, and information about your use of the various portions of this site. We aggregate this information with other information from other users, and we use such information only in an aggregate manner, and do not sell or otherwise in the ordinary course of our business, provide such information to other business enterprises or individuals. We may transfer such information if there ever were to occur, a change of ownership of this company or its assets, and we may also disclose such information as described in this Policy under the heading “Security.” More information about enabling/disabling and deleting cookies can be found through the security features of the browser you are using (Check the help options available for your browser or consult your browser provider’s website for further information).

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