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Capturing and Sharing Beautiful Holiday Memories

The holiday season is a joyous occasion for most people and families. During that time of year, the focus in life seems to shift from the hustle and bustle of work, stress, and constant obligation to a slower pace of sharing, caring and love. Magical moments that we all look so forward to year after year fill the holidays with good cheer and laughter. It’s also a time of remembering. As a whole, we collectively think back to our childhoods and the special memories of holidays past. We reminisce and share stories and maintain traditions. We prepare food from recipes passed down from generation to generation. We come together and connect to one another.

Can you recall being gathered with your family during the holidays and sitting together listening to your grandmother or grandfather talk about the Christmases of their youth? They spoke of simpler times, of treasured gifts and love ones who have passed on yet still live on in those beloved recollections. Through their eyes, you come to know the relatives of generations past, and you shared in a world that has since vanished in time. As your grandparents spoke, you could see the deep love in their eyes and hear the care in their voices as they reminisced and shared pieces of who they are with each story they retold Chances are, you had listened to the stories many times. Still, you never truly grasped the value of those tales until there were empty seats around the holiday table where your grandparents once sat. It was in those moments that you mourned the loss of their presence but also the loss of those beautiful stories that they always shared. While you may remember most details of their reflections, you will never remember them all, nor will you tell the tales as perfectly as they once did. Your children and grandchildren will never know the stories in the way that only your grandparents could tell.

Fortunately, there are ways that we can proactively capture and store these precious memories so that they can be forever cherished and shared with future generations. Memories In Writing is a company that does precisely this. The founder of the company was inspired to create Memories In Writing when she herself witnessed her grandmother’s memory fade and realized personally what it meant to lose the wealth of her grandmother’s recollections and wisdom.

Memories In Writing offers five easy and affordable methods to help you capture your loved ones’ memoirs. There are print and digital options with story capturing questionnaires that will ensure that your loved ones’ most special reflections are preserved for all to know and love. Memories In Writing also offers a 90-minute in-person workshop at their Greenville, SC office. The workshop brings people together so that they can start the process of capturing their life stories in writing.

Regardless of which method you choose, you will begin the journey to safeguarding those treasured memories that will last forever and remain dear to your hearts and those of generations to come.

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