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At Memories In Writing, we often talk about memories being a gift worth sharing, but what does that mean? Honestly, there’s no wrong way to gift a Memories In Writing workbook, online workbook or interview service, but here are a few suggestions to get your started:

For Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

We all know our parents appreciate any way we show we’ve thought of them on these special holidays, but at some point, dad has enough ties. A Memories In Writing workbook is a great way to invest in their story and show them you know they had a life before you came along. Your mom and dad are people with stories to share – stories you’ll be grateful you recorded one day when they're no longer around.

From your children to their grandparents

Grandparents Day may be in September, but there’s no bad time to let your children show how much they appreciate Grandma and Grandpa. Make this gift last by letting your kids lead the way – designate times for them to sit down with their grandparents and talk through some of our thought-provoking questions and prompts. The time spent will be worth as much as the finished product.

To clients when you want to show how much you value them as an individual

You’ve probably seen us talking on social media about how great our promotional workbooks are for anyone looking to snag repeat customers. Promo gifts run the gamut from stamped pencils to logo covered water bottles, but why not try something that sets you apart. Our promotional workbooks tell you clients you believe their story is important and should be recorded. Of course, it’s an added bonus that your name and business information are on the back cover of a gift they won’t soon throw away.

Share the gift of life story preservation today; purchase one of our easy to use and affordable solutions. Our do-it-yourself workbook, online solution and interview service guide you through the process of telling your story your way, while keeping you focused, organized, and on track. All of our products provide clients an opportunity to have their stories preserved in a hardbound book. Visit us at

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