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The page is only blank until you fill it

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Do you remember back in school when you had to write an essay? Unless you were a wordsmith; someone born to weave a narrative or blessed with the ability to expound upon any topic, the paper would sometimes stare back at you as if judging you for not being sure what to do next.

Time was limited.

The pressure was on.

And you weren’t sure how on Earth you could possibly write 500 words about the Shakespeare play your English teacher made you read last week.

Or maybe you were the one who couldn’t wrap your head around complicated math equations but would easily jot down four pages of written word with little to no effort, enveloping your story in flowery language and astute observations.

Either way, we all started with blank pages.

It’s been a long time since any of us was judged in the way we were in school – measured by standards applied to everyone in the class with our work read immediately before or after the work of our peers by a teacher who may or may not have been just ready to be done grading.

Those times were important to our growth. They helped us develop into well-rounded adults who know and appreciate our own strengths and weaknesses; while also helping us define our interests. The assignments that once made us sweat, eventually became lessons in growth and the importance of challenging ourselves.

But we’re not in school anymore. The pressure to share a story is not the same. No one is going to read your story and give you a letter grade. No, the pressure now is to find the courage to get started.

We all have stories inside us and while we may not all be natural born storytellers to whom writing comes easily, our stories all matter and they’re all worthy of preservation.

That’s why Memories In Writing seeks to make memoir writing as easy as possible for anyone and everyone. Our DIY Memoir Workbooks offer dozens of thoughtful prompts to help you not only get started but also shape your story without leaving out important details.

Are you or a loved one living with a disability? Our interview service gives you access to a professional interviewer who will work with you at your own pace to record your story.

Please don’t let the fears of getting started or being judged keep you from sharing your story. Because your story truly matters.

Reach out today and we’ll help you get started right away.

Visit for more information.

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