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Where were you when...?

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

There are countless examples of events we all felt together; things that happened and sent the entire nation into a tailspin of emotions, good or bad.

For one generation, the Kennedy assassination, moon landing, assassination of the Reverence Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., comes to mind.

For another, perhaps it's September 11th or the Columbine shooting. Men and women in their thirties today remember confusion in classrooms, watching their moms and dads cry in front of disturbing television footage, and wondering if school would be safe the next day. These events forever changed a generation. These events continue to change life for each of us today.

For the young people of today, we may not even yet know the defining events of their time.

What we do know, is these are categorized in our minds as things that irreversibly changed how we view the world. September 11th forever changed how we travel through airports in this country. The moon landing changed the way we dream about the future. Dr. King's death and even more-so, his life, changed the way we think about our differences.

But something we don't often account for, when we retell these stories, is how they impacted us as individuals. While these events are bigger than our insular and independent worlds. Their impact digs deep into each of us in unique ways.

The truth is, humanity is a fabric and fabric isn't one piece. It's stitched together from many strings. So the society we see in the wake of 9/11 isn't one big change, but the millions of little ones found in each of us.

Your story might seem small or insignificant. Maybe you think there's no good reason to write it down. But your story is a thread in the fabric of stories we all experience and share.

Memories In Writing started because we believe in each thread of our greater fabric. We continue that belief to this day and stand firm in the tradition of making telling all stories accessible to everyone.

Will you let your thread be part of the fabric? Will you share your story? We can help you get started. We truly want to.

To learn more about how to get started sharing your story, visit today. We're always ready and willing to talk you through the process.

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