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Writing Your Story Is A Big Pay Off...

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

84-year-old Gary from Florida tried, at the request of his adult daughters, to record his life story. Gary, who spent most of his life in Wisconsin, didn’t realize just how tough it could be to narrow 84 years of living down in an organized manner.

“It can be hard to know where to start,” Gary said, “well, that and it’s tough to stay on track… One day you’re thinking about high school, then the next you’re thinking about the military, then maybe marriage. It just gets confusing and you never really get anything done…”He tried and his daughters kept pushing, but it was no small project.

It wasn’t until Gary stumbled across Memories In Writing, that he finally found success in recording his story. “I did a search on the internet and found Memories In Writing. I started asking questions and they were extremely helpful, so I signed up for the program,” Gary said.

Gary said MIW’s services have the unique ability to keep him on track while always answering any questions he has during the process. He said he really appreciates being able to go back to any topic and add more details as they come to mind.

“You provided all the help I ever needed and provided a format that lets me go through preparing the story. It’s just a great program for everybody to follow,” he said.

Gary said he’s been spreading the word to neighbors and friends in his assisted living facility.

“I tell them my own experiences about trying to write without structure and, you know, I’m not someone that doesn’t know how to write,” he said. “All my life, I was in a capacity of writing. I hold a Master’s Degree, so I could write, but I couldn’t put my own story together.”

Gary is nearly done with his story and he’s looking forward to turning it into books to give loved ones.

“It’s a big pay off because it’s something you can hand down,” Gary said. “You probably could not give your family a better gift than that. I read some of the stories my mother’s generation wrote. Reading those, they’re not really very organized and you have to sort it out.”

Memories In Writing wants to help you share your story. Have questions? Visit or schedule a call to get those questions answered and get started sharing your story today.

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